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WORLDWIDE FORUM for select self-made entrepreneurs.

We support each other / We brainstorm / We have fun

This is a very small community of truly select individuals who want to connect with peers, grow the topline ,exchange knowledge and experience, and gaininsightful feedback. We discuss ongoing business and personal challenges in a strictly confidential forum setting.Together, we foster growth and learning, and through our exclusive group, we amplify our results and add joy to our lives.

In our forum confidentiality is paramount, success is cheered, and every challenge is an opportunity for collective learning.

Discover the power of true peer-to-peer support among the world's most successful entrepreneurs.

Membership Eligibility Criteria (All Must Be Met)

  1. Previous experience in managing a business with an annual turnover exceeding USD 12 million.
  2. Previousleadership of a team with a minimum of 10 employees in the relevant business.
  3. Previousownership of a majority stake (51% or greater) in the business.

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